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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Technology Made The Whole World A Prison

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Today, people are less free than ever before. All people, everywhere in the world, are now bound to the control of a government. No one is free from the say of another person; not even the remote vagabond or the hermit.

It is only with the advancing of technology that the fascists are able to monitor and control everyone, so tightly. While we enjoy improved communications, entertainment, and automation, our slavers can tighten their leashes and enforce their will, in its entirety.

In the past, different forms of slavery and rule existed, but there was always space to keep away from such things, and keep to your own small & remote community. Today, even empty deserts and remote forests are under the "rule of law."

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We now have a culture of laboring for others, most of our waking hours, and being inside small rooms during. In opposition to it, there is the Rewild movement.

Ecovillages. Permaculture. Organic Agriculture. No movement is attending the issue of freedom. They all try to improve on our current life style, without addressing the source of the problem. That no one can live as they wish, without answering to another - the government.

Only Rewilders intuit the need to be free of these coerced bonds between people. That being born does not mean giving consent to what those before you have decided.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

You Are Not Suffering Enough

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I need you to suffer.

That is how I grow.

You are alive, while suffering.

What does not kill you, makes me stronger.

Mute faces turn alive.

There is meaning to your existence, when you suffer.

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