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Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Purpose of Stories

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We tell stories through movies & series, produced by expensive studios paying skilled actors. This allows for a better production, and a more exciting display. But it also makes for a less personal and less detailed narration, as is available through simple word of mouth.

A captivating tale, indeed!

Folk stories were passed on according to place & time. They changed narration to fit the situation. To give the best value, in the form of education; whether moral or practical. They were heeded and used, and while entertaining, also raised caution and curiosity in the listeners.

In stark contrast to word of mouth, media productions are not better than eyecandy and plain entertainment. They fail to make the audience learn from others, but instead encourage a mimicking of character, without any understanding of cause & effect. This is how we get a culture of people behaving like retards, trying to be popular.

Even now, people sit alone in front of their computer, television, and phone screen. More alone that ever before, as media has become so accessible, privately. For studying this is a great boon; you can study anything, anytime, anywhere. But for socializing, a more urgent need, we no longer tell stories, and figure those stories out, in groups.

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