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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Virtual Game World Framework In NodeJS

I have been spending many of my creative hours, in these past months, working on a big project of mine. I call it Node World.  ***THUNDER CLASH***

The Open Source Code on GitHub

My Announcement of Node World on GameDev

A Live Demo For Developers

In summary, it is a framework for MMO's. It is intended to help developers and MMO fans - programmers, writers, and artists, express their ideas in a virtual world, without having to do everything from scratch.

I've found much inspiration in modern manga, such as Sword Art Online.
In elaboration, however, Node World has been my dream for several years. Ever since I realized how modern games are limited. How repetitive and inflexible they remain. I wanted to have a game world, where many players can join together, and not only explore and do combat, but also make a difference, in the game world itself!

I am looking for developers to join me! NodeJS is a relatively easy programming language, and I am doing my best, for the sake of modifications, to keep the code simple and readable. Contact me, if you want to inquire about it!

And our manga seers are only improving!
The goals of Node World are well defined:

1) The server seamlessly integrates any client into itself: Text, 2D, and 3D.

2) The project is modular, both in code and in functionality, so that programmers can easily modify and add to the project, and players can modify and add to the virtual world, without editing the code, at all.

If you have any ideas you want to share, then comment below, and say what this project brings to your mind. :-)

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  1. My background is that I sometimes try out new games (not very often anymore), and I have some (very little) experience with development (C). This framework sounds interesting. I'm simply mildly curious though — could you elaborate on how this is different from other VR games, such as Second Life, etc.?

  2. First, I should say that the project is DEAD. Sadly, I just could not get more developers to join me, and it is beyond my scale, to work on alone. Dead, but not forgotten. :-)

    Now, if we go back to theorizing... Good question! Games, such as Second Life, let you sort of roam and mess about, but they don't let you construct your environment and make it interactive. Not that I know of, anyways, since I have never played SL. Do tell me if I'm horribly wrong.

    Moreover, my goal was a framework, and not an actual game. There is currently no framework that lets people create game worlds that are entirely interactive (not just static blocks of graphics, or one-function items, like most MOBs, today), without a vast knowledge and skill in programming. Not to mention the friendly design of the code, which lets people modify it comfortable, unlike the horrid mess of obscure libraries in-use in games, generally.

    I am without a doubt that the upcoming years will show us at least a couple of studios releasing ideas similar to my own, that will be compatible on all devices, and reveal the full extent virtual worlds can become, with current technology. :=D

  3. I asked one of my nephews about it, and he mentioned Minecraft. I don't know if blockquote will work here but:

    Minecraft is a game about breaking and placing blocks. At first, people
    built structures to protect against nocturnal monsters, but as the game
    grew players worked together to create wonderful, imaginative things.

    As far as Second Life, I played the Linux version for about ten minutes once, but it ran too slow. The only problem was I didn't have sufficient graphics memory. Oh, and I think I lacked the CPU power as well. :) Point being, I couldn't say much about Second Life other than what little I've heard about it.

    Unrelated note - your "Follow by Email" form gives me the error message: "Subscribe by email option not enabled"

    Take it easy...

  4. Wow! I was not aware that my Follow by Email was not activated! >< I can't believe it's not ON, by default.

    *PHEW* Thanks for telling me about that! It's fixed now. :-)

    You should try out Minecraft, to get a better picture. I personally haven't, but I've seen videos and heard about it enough, to know that it's only flexible and creative, when it comes to making objects and rather static things. It doesn't actually let players add interactive content, with variables for their behavior, like I had designed for NodeWorld. Although, I wonder if they could. They might do so in the future, eh.

    Now, making huge constructions and places is fun, sure. But, it doesn't feel like a living breathing world, with unexpected and uniquely intelligent creatures. :=D


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