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Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Five Step Politician

A representative of the public, also known as a politician, is a person who requires a certain degree of experience and knowledge in the practice of sympathy.
“Leaders must be close enough to relate to others, but far enough ahead to motivate them.” - John Maxwell
A contending or chosen social representative must never have any conflicting interests. There must be no profit or benefit to him or anyone in his personal circle. This requires all financial information and historical records to be publicly accessible.

A certain curriculum is expected of the politician. It is not enough to have general knowledge. The most critical contemporary topics must be well researched. In addition, topics of social conduct and historical failures and successes must be versed. A politician not only represents his public, but they also lead their public.

Only through experiencing the hard facts of life, and learning how to cope with them realistically, can a representative be expected to be wise about their choices for the public. Each representative must pass a test of courage, wherein they will live for a month in the most poverty stricken conditions their public suffers voluntarily.

Each representative has their own specialty. The social issues are always diverse, and for that there must be enough professional politicians to adequately solve those technical problems that arise. It is only expected that a political office that represents the natural environment, which puts emphasis on the welfare of the local animals and plants, should be led and populated by those with specific experience and knowledge.

The life and well-being of the public is not a matter of play. If a selected representative is shown to be a failure, even though all requirements have been accounted for, then they must be replaced; for even a great expert can make great mistakes. The public must not let a politician have the interest of protecting their own status. Instead, those who already have an interest to replace the elected person - the contenders, must take responsibility over mistakes, and be elected whenever they identify a problem and offer a solution that the former politician could not handle.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Myth of Commonality & Public Interest

Today, I would like to discuss with you a myth that is the cause of war on our public freedom. This is the idea that the public has a common interest, at all.

Barack Hussein Obama II
I will repeat. The public never had, and never will have, a common interest. There for, no person or group of people will ever be able to represent the public under any commonality.

Just as a group of wealthy executives, who spend their days in offices, are unable to represent poverty stricken communities; so are the poverty stricken community of any town or neighborhood, unable to represent those of wealth and status.

The analogy that best exemplifies this case, is the one where an engineer is replaced by ten popular citizens. Without the hard gained skills and knowledge necessary to bring about results, those ten cannot achieve what the individual engineer achieves every day.

George W. Bush
Social representatives are professionals. They are not, on the other hand, magicians. Those who claim to answer the needs of all are liars. Those who claim to improve on the issues at hand, without first proving that no personal interest will conflict with these issues, are frauds and cheats.

Modern-day politicians have no choice, but to be frauds. Finance remains their sole interest, and as long there is any interest in finance and power for a politician, then there is no hope for freedom.

Ralph Nader
Reversely, if the only interest of the social representatives is freedom, then there is no doubt that the result will be public freedom.

A politician that is both aware of, and learned in, the lives of all people, will without a doubt be obliged to keep freedom above all. It is only an unlearned and unaware politician that brings forth the demise and destruction we see raging at the beginning of the third millennium A.D.

Queen of England
Elizabeth II
On both accounts must a politician be tested and proven, and must they be created and shaped. How could we expect a politician to do our bidding, when they are unaware of the misery of people during their work? It is as if a blind architect was chosen to build our cities. How could we expect a politician to succeed in doing the right thing, when they are unlearned in the things most important to us? They are learned only in conquest and power. It is as if we were to expect an infantry soldier to take upon himself the role of a strategist. Indeed, it leads to bloodshed and misery.

Tomorrow, I will post on my first attempt at describing the requirements we must all bid necessary, for a social representative to fulfill, before gaining the creed of office. I am certain that all true leaders and social activist will take much interest in having such a practice activated, for the benefit of all.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Eye & Eyelid Care (Blepharitis or Pinkeye)

Healthy, clean, and happily seeing.
Today, I would like to discuss my experience with caring for the eyes, or more specifically the eyelids. I have very sensitive eyelids that tend to inflame every once in a while, for several years now. This experience has taught me a lot about eye care.

A. The first and most important thing to remember is that the eyes, as does the entire body, heal themselves constantly. All parts and particles are constantly refreshed. This process seems to take place mostly during sleep at night.

B. Sleep well and comfortably. There is interesting research from animals and apes to suggest that sleeping in different postures affects us in different ways. Sleeping on the stomach, for periods of time, seems to assist in digestion. Some claim that our metabolic system is strongly connected to the eyes, therefor healthy nutrition and digestion is paramount.

C. Externally, using natural soap - to your selection - is a great way to assist in keeping harmful substances and bacteria away. Washing the face with some soap, and washing it away with water after, would help keep the skin clean and healthy.

D. The eyes can be very sensitive both to dryness and moisture. I find that moisture, such as water residues after a face wash, can nourish bacteria and make the eyes more sensitive. Using a towel to make sure, carefully and gently, that the eyelids are dry, after washing, helps a lot.

E. Clean hands can help clean the eyes. While the eyes produce sticky wastes to protect themselves, and especially so during sleep, they can't always remove them properly. These are usually removed at the edges of the eyelids. It is possible to assist the eyelids in cleanup, by using clean hands - after washing, even with soap - to gently pull away the crust from the more sensitive area of the eye and away. I find a little gentle use of fingernail helps.

F. Inflamed or injured eyes should never be scratched or rubbed. Only healthy eyes can tolerate this mechanical maneuver  In order to locate and remove irritants from sensitive eyes, you should use a mirror under good lighting. Use clean hands and gently remove any hair or dirt located. Pinpoint the spot, and never attack the eye in its' entirety, for it will get even more sensitive if you do.

G. Lastly, the most important occasions for eye-care are before going to sleep and directly after waking up. Before you go to bed, make sure your eyes are clean and dry. Even a little cleanup can help a lot. After waking up, if you have special sensitivity or injury, wash up and dry up. Use a mirror to identify any crust or hairs that may not have been removed during the morning wash. Wastes from the eyes can be very sticky and insistent, and this is why eye infections are often chronic and persistent, in my experience.

Enjoy healthy and clear eyes! :-)

Monday, January 28, 2013

Democracy Is Bad For All

Today, I will shortly write my opinion about democracy.

G. Edward Griffin
on Collectivism
(YouTube Video)
Democracy is a method by which a ruling elite, who rule by force, manipulate human society into accepting atrocities. Their manipulation is aimed at the majority group of adult males, for they are the most dangerous and influential group of people in any society. Women, although dangerous just the same, are more occupied by nature.

I feel that there are unrealistic hopes about the results democracy is supposed to bring forth. I encourage all and one to let go of any such hopes, and instead search and investigate into well-founded ideas for making life healthy and enjoyable. A life of responsibility and care. A life of freedom and open love.

I say well-founded ideas, because democracy is a badly-founded idea. Democracy is founded on practices of extreme violence, extreme racism, extreme sexism, and extreme ignorance and social manipulation. Welcome to the Greek Empire of antiquity. The facts of democracy, in the past, and today, and its' evolution are a cause for distraught. It is a factual and historical evil. Is it worth protecting and promoting? No. There is nothing to protect, because democracy has already pretty much gone as far as it will go in the modern world. It is worth learning from, and advancing forward from and into a better paradigm. A better social paradigm.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

A New Language In Process: English

I enjoy sharing and reading in writers' forums. It is a  suitable hobby for a wanna-be author. It has been an interesting experience to receive different comments about my choice of words and style. I would like to investigate this topic today.

Charles Dickens in 1860
Even though English has some very important rules, which guide us all in its' proper use, so that meanings are inferred correctly, it has long lost its' place as a privately controlled language. It is no longer the language of any one people, nor two or three. It has become a global language. A language of all people. With this change in ownership, many rules and ideas have been introduced into English.

Any person who had the occasion to entertain Engrish, Japanese English, or Indian English well spoken by legions of telephone representatives and support personnel, has had the unusual experience of being part of a conversation that does not claim to be in actual English; but rather in Global English. <Insert New & Entertaining Name Here> might just make the original language not as common as it still is.

Pfft Gamers.
And not to mention internet slang and "leet" writing. It may be that the new ways people use English to communicate in writing could lead the future of our new global language!

j00Z |\|3\/3r |<|\|0\/\/, U|\|L3$ j00Z 7r'/. :)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

No Blog Post Today

Emptiness is a vastly misunderstood concept. Space holds all matter, yet it is inherently empty for sight. People contain the force of life, yet we are inherently empty of it, for when the balance of a body fails, so does its' life vanish. Emptiness is not a lack of substance; rather emptiness is the balancing counterpoint to substance.
Imagine an object that is both empty and substantiated. It has no properties at all times, while it has all properties at no given time. This object is our reality. We, and all existence and living beings, are a confluence of the balance of reality. Each of us represents a balance. Anything we experience or do is a state of such balance.
A balanced life, which is the optimum state of all beings at any moment, requires a careful handling of both substance and emptiness. Substance is represented by the material world; all things that are sensory. Emptiness is represented by a digestion process of all matter, either physical or mental. Emptiness is not the lack of or opposite to substance. Rather, it is a process; unlike matter, which is a result or substantialization.

An inclination for results is unhealthy. An emphasis on processes is also unhealthy. Just like the well-trained juggler, so do all beings must throw and catch at the same time this accommodating experience of life.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Mutual Trust

Humans are not dissimilar to animals in the sense that just as you or I would not lend reasons for a snake to bite us, so should people not be allowed to behave in an aggressive manner. Just as the animal would be manipulated into a sense of security, so should people be manipulated into a sense of trust.

This could be achieved by identifying and applying the properties that relay trust. An abundance of food and water. Public declarations of security. Public declarations of common interests. A seeming abundance of living space. Flattery. Investments in the other's growth. A sense of all important responsibilities being taken care of by the manipulator.

Governments apply this in their rule. Regardless of the moral question about such actions, there is a practical question to be raised about using this practice. Is there a suspicion that those being manipulated are in fact being degraded? Their skills and minds slowly losing aptitude?

It is well known in Anthropological research circles that many indigenous tribal peoples manipulate relationships between tribe members and whole tribes, in order to maintain peace and flourish. For example, some tribes come together in celebration of some socially acceptable reason, and maintain a healthy and peaceful bond through the sharing of gifts and joy.

I suspect that there is a healthy balance of thoughtfulness that requires a technical manipulation of people, in order to achieve and maintain mutually beneficial relationships. It seems to me that people must only present what they want others to take from them, so that they in return receive what they want without conflict. This sort of half-truth or deceit is crucial when another person is unable to understand the meaning of another's actions or opinions; the misunderstanding leading to fear and aggression.

A balance to this manipulation would be an effort to educate those ignorant to such ideas, without directly revealing the ideas in whole. In this way, while conflict is kept in check, the manipulating party can continue within its' interest, and even encourage others to join. The only trick I find illusive, is the manner in which the deceit is explained as a misunderstanding, and not as a blunt lie.

Oh, the trouble of awareness.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

First Earth: Uncompromising Ecological Architecture (2009)

Click here to watch the
Documentary Film on Youtube!
Here is a little bit of an extra to add to your awareness. This documentary film shows footage from different countries around the globe, while discussing and reviewing the current state of mud houses.

MUD HOUSES! That's awesome.

No doubt, the film goes through the different techniques and shows examples, all the while interviewing those people and communities involved in the action. The examples are amazing. Yemen, England, Canada, Israel, Ghana, New Mexico, Thailand, and many more. Highly recommended.

Yours truly. Hippie activist 2013. :=D

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fail Brilliantly by Gwen Gordon

In nine (9) pages, Gwen manages to bring us into her private world of challenge and chance. This piece is related to Buddhism and the practice of meditation, and how it has intertwined itself into her life. In it, Gwen raises some important questions about the validity of such a practice, and shares with us her fascinating answers.



Monday, January 21, 2013


I have just finished reading the book Utopia (1516 by Thomas More), which I have gone through quickly in the past as well. It is essential for any modern day thinker to observe the changes that have occurred around us in history, and to see which of them do not change so much, while also acknowledging those changes that do not change at all.

In the story, More goes through crucial topics in every day social organization, such as finances and money (in which he debunks the need for coin and property); employmentcorruption and unlawful law and judgement; and even goes at some length into politics and royalty.

Even though many ideas and topics in the short book of one-hundred and eighty three (183) pages seem to be irrelevant for modern day logic and need, it is without a doubt a testimony and clear example of the goals we are still aspiring to reach even today. Do not dismiss this important artifact from our past.
The original cover for the book.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Motivation Is All The Rage

One of the many sources of
wisdom and inspiration.
Follow link for more!
I post motivational quotes and meaningful sayings on my Facebook walk daily. I do this to promote positive thinking and understanding around me and all about. It is not a secret that how we design our environment affects how we perceive life. If we take care of things around us to the best of our ability, then each of us will enjoy satisfaction and the knowledge that most things actually do work out eventually.

For those seeking motivation, here are some ideas:
- Philosophical quotes about life.
- Videos showing extreme feats.
- Examples of personal success against the odds.

Naturally, anything related to trees and animals works well too.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Lucid Dreams

With the intensity of the winter cold, I find myself spending more hours in bed. Cuddled between sheets of blankets, my dreams intensify and become more lucid. I envision images as if from another life. Tonight I dreamed of an enchanting blonde haired and green eyed woman. Her gaze summoned me, yet I could not move. My mind raced with how attracted we both were.

Dreams are awesome. I wonder if it is really past life or anything realistic.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Time To Sit Down

Socrates 400BC.
Meditation. The word has changed its' meaning quite profusely since the time of the ancient Greek philosophers. Originally, it held a wide meaning of taking time to ponder or think through. The idea was that knowledge is in itself the peak of realization.

Acariya Mun of the
Thailand Buddhist
Today, due to the expansion of Buddhist teachings around the world, meditation is used as a term for the action of being without disturbance. This new term disregards the value of knowledge, while emphasizing on the conditions necessary in order to obtain such knowledge.

I practice awareness meditation often. I value this practice and the Buddhist teachings and traditions. This has allowed me to be more aware of my life and environment. While more awareness also means more pressure to take responsibility, it is worthwhile and definitely recommended.

Want to try? Find a place where you are serene and have no disturbances at all. No people, no devices, no games and nothing else to draw your attention. Keep your attention calm and serene, and see how you feel after an hour of this practice. It is not important to keep any specific position, as long as your are not disturbed by this. I often switch from sitting to walking and so forth. Also, it is not important what you think or do not think about. There is no need to control anything, except for your surroundings and the choice to remain in that empty place. There is not even a need to set a certain amount of time for this practice, at all.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Life Of A New Author

This blog marked the birth of a new author. Me. The excitement and opportunities ahead had motivated me, and got me to publish two wonderful stories in eBook format. The anticipation, and with it both success and failure, have put an odd discomforting vibe on my writing. I would like to share this experience here.

Some call it "writer's block", while others just see it as temporary mood swings. I accept the challenge my own mind has set, and am unwilling to simply bow down to inability. Even though I have tried music to alley the discomfort, there is a feeling of disinterest and lacking in my new books. It started with my Science-Fiction novel Future Value, and after disagreement with the horridly slow pace at which that book was half-written, I have moved on to my fourth book and the second in the Robert The Fail series titled the same with the subtitle "Losing To Trees."

In both cases I find interest in the story and characters, yet find myself disinterested in the writing itself. I have tried to simplify the methods I use to concoct my stories in the Word text editor to no avail. Now, I am forced to consider other methods with which to share my stories, beyond the default option of writing a hundred-page standard book.

I wonder if it's just winter taking its' toll on me.

If you have shared the same or a similar experience in your writing, please share it as a comment. :-)

Monday, January 14, 2013

The GIMP 2.8.2 Experience

Does The Trick!
GNU Image Manipulation Program is how they call it. It is basically a Photoshop for Linux, but it works on Windows and other platforms as well. Also, it's completely free and awesome.

Never the less, I have been retouching my eBook covers and Facebook photos these days, and have discovered just how difficult it is to get the results one would like. Even, any result that would really feel satisfying. Hard work changing colors, fixing pixels, moving layers, fixing transparency, and generally getting a result that would not scare away blind people.

Feel free to comment on my eBook cover updates. ;-)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Amazonian Adventures #2

Today, I found out that my eBooks were hoarding serious technical bugs. >< Obviously, something that my audience would feel to be amateurish. Immediately, I turned and fixed those bugs!

Complaint #1
Amazon's file conversion system blows. I use the most simple and technically-correct Word 2010 documents, and still Amazon insist on bugging up my eBooks. Bad spaces - Wrong bookmarks - Inability to handle Unicode. *sigh*

Love trolls.
Complaint #2
Every time an author updates their book's files, it can take plenty of time for Amazon to update. In the meanwhile, if a mistake was made, there is no option to cancel submission - and upload a new file. No, I must wait these twenty-four (24) hours or more, until I can upload my books again, and then only a day later will those updates be available. Better be careful with that submission button.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The People Protest

In recent years, due to the economic and environmental crisis all over the world, protests have become a common event. It seems many people join into organized groups that see their mission as changing the way choices are being made for all of us. Without a doubt, this is a social crisis as well.

I see myself as an individual activist. I choose my unique way of life, because it suits me best, and also due to a lack of common-interest with my fellow citizens. This raises the question of common-interests between people. Obviously, wealthy people do not have the same basic needs I demand, and so cannot be in a group of commonality with me. Also, those who are unwilling to break rules and take responsibility for inventing new ones, cannot do what I do and wish to achieve.

A shout for justice, and a cry for help.
The first step in change.
What is the second?
Whenever I think about mass-protests in the streets, I think of two things. One, is that I am gladdened to see some noise made about the injustice we all suffer. The second, is that most people are unwilling to go beyond pleading for help, and will not take action to protect themselves and those they care about. These I refer to as the "idiot masses", who are as easily directed into a protest for peace, as they are directed into a protest for war. I do not see myself among them at all.

On the other hand, all of us common people have the same needs: Some land, some water, some food, and some company and responsibility. Why could we not all together protect those basic necessities? Why could we not all together make sure that the right to be free, even alone and without, but at the very least without persecution, is adhered to?

Too often it people put their fear of others above their responsibility and care for those others. We certainly do so to ourselves.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Broad (Fava) Beans Are Awesome

They grow so well.
Dozens of them growing in my garden.
Coming from the Middle East, I was confused about the difference between Ful (Fūl medammis) and Broad Beans. In the markets, the white broad beans are usually titled "Great Northern Broad Beans", while the common and local beige/brown colored broad beans are simply called "Ful".
Common and simple!
This is after the very common Arabic dish, which is basically cooking and turning the brown broad beans into a pasteDelicious.

FYI, I often take a dried bean and suck on it, until the shell is removed, and then snack on it raw. Buhahaha :=P

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Update: Flame On!


This is an update to my previous Olive Oil Lamp post. On your left you will see a simple photograph (webcam) of me holding one of my DIY olive oil glass jar lamps. :=D Daddy is so proud!

Basically, I use a rather wide thick-glass jar, cut some white cotton sock for a wick, and bend some steel wire to hold that wick in place above the oil. Beautiful. Utsukushii. I have this smaller one for my room - a lovely hand warmer and atmosphere setter, and another bigger one for my outdoors camp. The lid is used to kill the flame, while it also keeps the smoke inside as it dies.

A Soundtrack For Authors

It seems that many of us have lost the secret art of inspiration. In the past, artisans and craftsmen had an abundance of natural environment and quiet in their daily life. The sounds of water, animals, and the wind had reigned the cacophony of their lives.

Just as the painter needs a brush and a canvas, so does the writer need his own tools of the trade. In a similar fashion to a painter that chooses his studio or a special location for his painting, so does the writer need his special locations that would induce concentration and help his creative flow. For example, I benefit from the parks and remote locations in my suburban area away from the city.

Sometimes, though, it is not possible to find a comfortable and accessible remote location. For this, music can be our atmosphere, and assist in the writing process. When I do workout, I prefer good rock or metal music to encourage me. On the other hand, when I do something as immobile as writing, I require quiet and soothing music. I enjoy tracks from "fantasy" and "celtic" themes.

Feel free to add your own suggestions! :=)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How To Write A Book (A Practical Guide)

Had to add that "practical guide" part there :=P What? It gets results.

Anyway, today I want to share with you, my dear readers and blog-followers, my secret methods for authoring a book. In order to reduce technical issues when writing a story, I have devised so far two methods that speed up my creative writing flow, and minimize the effort necessary in maintaining concentration while writing an entire story.

One, is my Book_Template file. I didn't want to shift between different programs/interfaces while writing a story, so I had to figure out how to implement my ideas using only Word 2012 or any other interface. Therefor, before I write my story I first fill-in a template file with the following:

Title, Subtitle & Summary. These allow me to choose a topic and general theme for my story. The summary specifically allows me to note down any important ideas that I want to include in the storyline.

Main Characters, Secondary Characters, Miscellaneous Characters & Locations. These are short lists I keep in my template, so I can keep an eye on all those details, and change them in an organized fashion. This keeps me from obvious errors, and also helps me order my characters and locations. This order helps for referencing inside the story.

Chapters, Sections & Subsections. I divide my story into titles. Every chapter is split into several sections. Every section is split into several subsections. This allows me for a consistent storyline, which is also very easily manipulated. Also, using the titles as a reference, my writing-flow is more steady. This reduces distractions dramatically and builds up self-confidence while writing.

The second method is a simple Heading manipulation in my story file. I have been using it with my current book, Future Value, and I am very pleased with the results. Under the View tab in Office 2012, it is possible to reveal the Navigation Pane. Then, I simply copy my template into the story file, and edit it so that each chapter, section, and subsection are set as a Heading in their according levels (Heading 1/2/3). Other titles are kept as a Title or Book Title heading, so they do not crowd my Pane. This allows me to add content directly under my titles, and it also allows for amazingly easy navigation within my story. I find this method more efficient, than simply checking back with my template file after every two or three paragraphs. :=)

TIP: One of the awesome things with headings is that the author can select all content that is of a certain heading, even Normal text, and immediately apply any action to it. Even remove all Normal text with a single button press!

Attached are my up-to-date Empty Template file, and an example of a properly headered Story file:

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mahō Senshi Riui

Young Merrill Attacking Louie The Hero
In English it is titled Rune Soldier. I haven't finished the anime, so I won't call this a proper review, but I'll do it anyway. I need a short break before the next episode loads. :=D

This short series of twenty-four (24) episodes, which ran in 2001, is a light adventure and comedy story about a Mage and Fighter called Louie. I was looking for something to watch - you know, for lunch - and so browsing through the Comedy category of animes I found this little title. I highly recommend it. Oh yeah, it also has plenty of ecchi jokes. I love this bit ->

Apparently, this title comes from the same mangaka of Record of Lodoss War and Sword World - Ryo Mizuno. I recall watching Lodoss and enjoying it as well.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Categories For Blog Posts

After considering the organisational methods of my blog, and seeing that navigating around this bundle of text may not be so easy, I have decided to categorize posts.

This means that every post will be tagged according to its' categories. This is rather flexible, and to my own division, so it is not expected to be purely logical. I have added a cute Tag Cloud on the <<-- left for your enjoyment. ;-)

This is the entire list of categories as of today:
review, opinion, thoughts, reflections, update, memoir, book, ebook, publish, zen, wilderness, lifestyle, inspiration, motivation, poetry, writing, author, blog, forum, media, help, action, fantasy, epic, drama, novel, series, anime, manga, comic, tv, life, advice, how to, howto, health, diet, nutrition, tech, technical, game, garden, gardening, plants, trees, herbs, diy, do it yourself, guide, experiment, finance, money, amazon, programming, coding.

Hunter × Hunter × 2011 × Anime

I have been expecting this move for a few years now. Ever since I finished watching every possible bit of material online that I could find. Hunter × Hunter 2011 is the title of the remake of the anime, which started afresh two years ago.

We are all very... excited.
This remake, which is still airing weekly, follows the Manga strictly. Now the series is interesting, logical, and it is continuously exciting! Unlike the old series that aired before. They are even using a new cast for the voices. As I write this post, the Greed Island saga is being aired - which I must say is splendidly made as well.

Do enjoy. Please comment with your opinion about the remake series. :-)

P.S. For those without access to the anime, you can enjoy it online: http://www.watchanimeon.com/hunter-x-hunter-2011-episode-1/

Saturday, January 5, 2013

How To Make A Story Sound More Interesting

Often, authors will think of events and characters that really capture the mind. These would beg and insist to have a story-world to be told about in. While a good idea and a character is something to start with, it is obviously not enough. Interest is lacking.

A good event or story need several things:
A. A reason for it's occurrence; whether it is told before the event of afterwards.
B. Relevant emotions that create sympathy between the characters and the reader. Without describing such strong emotions, the reader will feel disinterest.
And finally, C. Every event must be in relation to its' affect on others in the story. I once saw on TV a joke about this issue. The newscaster read from the prompter: "An atomic-bomb has fallen on Los Angeles last night! No one was killed or injured in the event." :-D Hehehe Classical.

I hope this helps. ;-)

Friday, January 4, 2013


First, let me say that I adore the Shannara series by Terry Brooks. The reason I adore it, is that his writing is excellent, and his ideas are authentic and exciting. By authentic I mean that his ideas come from personal life experience, and this is palpable when reading the stories.

Support the author!
I will also add that I have some disagreements with the series, and I will explain inside the review. So let's begin a short review on the first book of the series.

In the first book, Brooks slowly reveals a future fantasy & science-fiction world, where great destruction lead to a renewed Earth. This idea of mixing the two genres into one epic world is brilliant. Sadly, Brooks is a professional teaser, and as such reveals the interesting depths of his world ever so slow.

The Druid Allanon is surely the most charismatic (see D&D Abilities) character in the book. Possessing knowledge and power beyond mere mortals, he takes charge of events and shapes the future of all life on the planet by his actions. Trained to fight against those who wish to destroy and control others - he guides the time-lapsing heroes of this chapter through their duty.

I feel that the Ohmsford brothers and the sword fighting Menion Leah, with other characters in mind, are somehow shallower than the Druid in profile. The storyline is exciting and luring, while the characters themselves are not so much of either. This, of course, only diminishes from the quality of the story a little, and allows the patient reader to enjoy more developed characters in Brooks' future books.

Overall, I rate it to be an interesting read, and an exciting one as well. I recommend it, especially for anyone who would take interest in reading the entire series. I certainly feel that the first book is reduced into a simpler story without the rest of the series included.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

My Third Book

I have started writing my third book. It is not a continuation of my past books, although I am planning to sequel "Robert The Fail" with another title ;-)

Hans Fallada at work.
I should be as keen!
This book is part of a series of notes I have taken regarding the meaning of life. I know all authors share their opinions regarding the meaning of life in their stories. Never the less, I intend to write a short book about taking chances, and promoting oneself within the social game of life. This is very specific, and will handle a very specific topic.

I plan on releasing it around mid-January. Be prepared to meet Mark Chandler in his new adventure titled "Future Value"!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Series of Shannara

I actually enjoyed the
audiobook myself.
An exciting prospect has run into me yesterday. I am an avid fan of "The Sword of Shannara" series of books. I am currently enjoying an audiobook of The Talismans of Shannara. Highly recommended.

It seems that the rights have been purchased by Sonar Entertainment to make a series from the epic trilogy. I have enjoyed "A Game of Thrones", the televised pornographic version of the books by George R. R. Martin, and am bound to enjoy a televised version of this series as well.

Just wanted to let you know ;-)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

How To Be Happy With Poverty

It has always been a common issue with people around me. Poverty, or the lack of insight for a financial future. Today, I feel I must respond to an article I found on the matter at:
There is a misunderstanding with the issue of finance. Many assume that the ability to finance is related to both luck and opportunity. The reality is reversed. Finance is only constructed by need and ambition. When you may one day find yourself without a place to sleep in - then you have the need. Sometimes, all it takes is a warning. Such as feeling that going out for a party is just too expensive, before the month ends. o-o

Ambition is special. The will to drive yourself to success, and the intuition to choose the relevant options for you. The motivation to do it alone, and do it against all opposition, just because it is the right thing to do. For you. For me. A balanced mix, constructed by effort and education (knowledge), gives fruit to finance and success.

Poverty is a lacking. A wise person knows to manage what-is, and to employ any available resources for improvement daily. For a wise person, financial success is only periodic, while poverty is nonexistent.

My two cents, Inc.

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