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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Friends Don't Fuck

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Friendship is when two people get to know each other, to like each other, and trust each other. It sounds big, but it does not have to take long. People can become friends inside a week. Obviously, time is a factor when getting to know a person, but trust itself can be established quickly; if it is tested properly.

Clive Staples Lewis (29 November 1898 – 22 November 1963) was a British novelist, poet, broadcaster, and lecturer.

Some people hold dear to moral values. Loyalty. Honesty. Courage. Those who do, can be true friends; trustworthy. Most others can only be friends to a limited extent. Once you have some distance between you, or anything happens that puts your relationship on trial, they will cut away, rather than work on it together.

Friendship is complex and difficult.

Fucking, however, is not. Having sex is the most basic, common, and simple act any person can do. Bugs do it. It is very simple. That is how animals continue their lineage. It is nature at its best! Functional & practical.

And the two can not mix.

Moral judgement is impaired, entirely, when sex is involved. Sex becomes a motivation in itself, keeping the relationship going, even when it is bad. Even when you are not friends, and even when you hate each other.

If you doubt the power of sex, look at the world. Billions of people! Millions of people crammed into cities, even in western "civilizations". Endless children born to single moms or in broken relationships.

There is only one meaning to it, if you have sex with someone you call "a friend", without you both wanting to upgrade into a couple. You prefer having sexfor yourself - than having the friendship.

This goes to all the casual-fuckers out there. Stop deluding yourself. If you put sex over friendship, you are mentally weak and socially abusive, and you do not appreciate true friendship and trust. You will receive the same treatment from others.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

A Bit of Joy

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I envy a community of people
Who listen free of stay,
And never cease to say
What is on their mind that day

Girls and guys, old and young,
Mostly broken; just a token
Of persevering personalities,
Against their own mean realities

Online, offline
Minutes, hours, days
Faces on display, but their
Hearts always stashed away.

Dedicated to the notorious /4chan room on Tinychat / Kageshi. <3

It's funny how we can miss something bad. How we want that tiny bit of excitement, found in a cesspit of darkness, hatred, and misery. A smile that brings joy, even though it's rarely visible.

A community can be broken and harmful, more damaging to its members than useful. Yet, it is still a community; a place to call home, sorta thing. This is true about any relationship... A family, or a couple, and even friends. We don't only get used to it, we cherish those few moments that make us feel loved - whether we are actually loved or not.

Oh well.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Romantic Relationship Q&A

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Q&A stands for questions and answers. You ask questions, expecting answers. Same goes for the other side, with you being the one to answer.

Dedicated to all the trolls.

In an intimate relationship, trust is everything. I have recently found myself going through some breakup posts on Facebook, from guys who were deeply betrayed by their female partners. Obviously, both genders can betray the other, but for myself I find it easier to relate to the guys' experiences.

The horror stories are real! Long lasting relationships of years, ending in a quick betrayal; the girl leaving with another guy. Or the girl being caught with another guy. Or even the girl revealing that she is cheating; sometimes for a long period. The guys are devastated, being forced out of their illusion of a loving couple.

I have come to notice that people tend to expect others to be as they are, themselves. Doing so, they assume that if they feel attached and in-love, so is the other person. To add to the illusion, most are unwilling to explicitly and clearly establish the truth.

However, from my own experience and that of others as keen about the truth as I am, there is a method that prevents a false relationship from, at the least, catching. By asking questions, and insisting on detailed answers, we can avoid these illusions. The answers reveal if the other person is a good person, fitting for you. Vague answers or evasions will reveal the other person to be untrustworthy.

Even when emotions are strong, and you might feel love and loving, by insisting on revealing the truth about yourself and the other person, you will slowly make it impossible to continue - without either fixing the apparent problems, or breaking up entirely.

And it should be done from day one. No excuses. A relationship is trust, and trust requires honesty and truth. Therefor the truth is the relationship, and without it there is only a charade of emotions and needs.

Hopefully, instead of wasting months or years, getting tremendously hurt and hurting another, it will end quickly. In my own experience, within the first week there will be a tendency to want to cut away from the other person - if it's bad. Then, even if you go back together, it will not be more than a couple of weeks, until the truth simply does not let you persist.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

This Is The Meaning To Life

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Life is composed of needs, wants, and responses. Needs are at the core of our lives, and cannot be ignored. They are simple and intuitive. Our wants, however, can vary and collide with our needs.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

We need to breathe, but we do not need sex. We want sex. Even though it is a very strong and fundamental desire, it is not a need. We also want specific foods, so while nourishment is a need, eating snacks or what have you is only a want.

Responses, while meaningful, are just how we react to unexpected events in our lives. While it is good to be prepared, it is how we handle our needs and wants that seems to have the most influence on us.

The meaning to life of a person is beyond what is shared with all others. It is personal and unique, by this definition, and so is constructed from our unique wants. It is personal, intimate, and thus has meaning to us.

So, finally, the meaning to life is our dreams, achievements, interests, hobbies, and our personal relationships; our intimate environment.

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