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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Will Power - Not Intimidation

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Will power is the result of intuition & patience. Intuition means you have to trust yourself, rather than instantly turning to others. Patience can be trained, like strength or speed, and should be trained to where most things in daily life can not make you rush yourself.

Shia LaBeouf

Intimidation, on the other hand, is when external threats make you act, in your perspective, defensively. Rather than plan and think things through, intimidation rushes you to react quickly, and miss out on crucial information about your situation.

Without patience and trust in your intuition, it becomes difficult to motivate yourself into doing things that you want. Keeping in shape, studying, making & fixing items, and many more chores that are valuable, but hard to approach without an existing habit.

And that is why people turn to self-intimidation, or they let others intimidate them into action. Common examples are schools, militaries, and employment; where someone is in command, and orders you around, giving punishment when you fail to comply.

Not only does this not improve your ability to plan and act on your own - keeping you reliant on others, but also you do not actually gain the knowledge necessary to figure out the best choices for yourself. Those who command you, do it for their own personal gain.

Rely on yourself. You are the only person in your shoes. Make your own mistakes, and learn from them. Do not expect others to take full responsibility over you. They will not. They cannot, as only you can choose for yourself. Trust yourself, and improve at what you choose to do.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

How Stone Giants Copulate

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[Inspired short story I wrote for the G+ Writer's Discussion Group monthly competition.]

It is to the best of my knowledge, that the avid and infamous giant researcher - and hobbyist poet, Mikkel M. Handsome had noted down, in a chapter about the mating practices of Giants in general, this peculiarity of Stone Giants.

I do not have the original text with me, so I shall paraphrase in my own words, and through the vagueness of my own memory...

A hardy local population...

The Female Stone Giant will select a suitable place, where trees would not tend to forest, maybe in an elevation high enough - as trees are known to dislike the cold, and there she will stand. She will stand for as long as it takes, for a Male Stone Giant to incidentally, and without prior knowledge or intuition, ram his parts into... well... her parts.

End of misquotation.

As you can see, it is not a rumor beyond reason, that people say the Stone Giants have no libido, per se. It does not seem as if the Female is attractive to the Male, when viewed from our point of view. No ceremony of wooing seems to take place, but rather a metaphorical gamble.

This was my opinion in the matter as well, at least until I saw The Crevice of Zuperia, in New Russia, earlier this year. Oh, and what a crevice it was! Attached is a photograph.

Eingenberg Zumik, Doctor In Organic Gemology, Neptune Regional Academy.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Poverty: A New Invention

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There is no clear definition for the term poverty. Generally, it is a lacking, as in needing something in your daily life. Whether it is a lack of food, or a lack of electronic devices, is not established. Those considered poor in one land, may be considered rich in another land. [There is no doubt, however, that poverty in basic human needs is indeed actual poverty.]

A tiny house on wheels. Trailer life.

Before humans turned sedentary, the only kind of poverty imaginable was of basic human needs. And that, only possible when the natural environment receded enough to cause drought or famine, naturally.

When humans learned to master tools for working the land, they quickly began shaping their environment to their immediate benefit. Less forests meant more field crops. Less wild animals, meant less predators, and especially less competition over crops from grazing animals.

An expected long-term result of this sedentary human culture is human-made poverty; drought and famine, caused by human endeavor. A less expected long-term result was the advent of more sophisticated technologies, that would later on replace how we interact with our environment and peers.

A home today, has a variety of tools that have become fundamental to us. Communications through phones and the internet. Devices that cook and clean for us, controlled by microchips. Vehicles to reach remote places, now to be considered near-by. Screens & speakers that mimic socializing and social integration.

Because of these, it has become all too easy to be poor. Lacking a vehicle or communications, may leave you separated and alone, even though you have neighbors. You might have a house sheltering you, but without air-conditioning, it will turn too cold or too hot, and dreary.

This is a well evident fault of modern society. It will be a great task to solve it, without giving up on the benefits we have become used to.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

A Free Reading From Wattpad

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I finished a short & fun reading of a short-story, in the "popular" section of Wattpad; a website for independent authors. Even though it is mostly filled with sub-par stories, there is the rare gem to be found!

Maybe find them in Ireland?!

And so, I give to you, Of Tall People and Small People (original text) by Alice Pierce.
Link: https://clyp.it/srbpdrr4

By the way, it is a children's story.

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