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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Generation of Worlds

Open for 10mb 512p large version.
As I continue my journeys in the world of game development and 3D art, I noticed that my wiki, which I use to express my own ideas about game development, should have an actual game attached to it. That is to say, that while writing down technical ideas for games is great, it would also be better presented in the guise of a simple entertaining game world.

The idea came to me intuitively and by muse! Elves Versus Trolls. I have always wanted a game that lets not only all those cutsie gamer people enjoy playing, but a game world that encourages and works with internet trolls. Why? Because, I am one such troll! And I am not ashamed of it.

Internet trolling is an art form. Just like dance and reggae. It does not have to be insulting to anyone to be funny. Trolling can even be helpful, when touchy topics are highlighted, and nobody wants to get dirty, philosophically speaking. I have been active in trolling circles for many years, and I am proud of me and most of my fellows. We bring humor and joy and good company.

So, why have trolls in a game?

I would like to talk about this in my next blog post. In the meanwhile, let me tell you about http://donjon.bin.sh/world/. What an interesting world generator!!! Not only does it have many options to choose from, for your own totally unique world, it also lets you export the result in different ways, so you can have both an animated gif, an image, and a map! How awesome is that? :-)

I also noticed they have other generators in their website. Mostly fantasy gaming related, id est Dungeons & Dragons games. I have not really checked the other generators, so do share if you find anything interesting. Comment below! ;-)

Sunday, July 21, 2013


What happens when an idea without boundaries is made into a framework?
It's Gantz. It's not supposed to make sense.

I am always surprised to find out there are yet more animes and mangas that I adore and have no heard of, before. A horror anime about life and death, as told in the story of Another. An amusing science fiction mecha futuristic alien bash down, as told in Gantz. And I still have more to check out!

Comment below, if you want series recommendations, or if you can share some lesser known animes and mangas. ;-)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Port à Folio!

So, I finally found FolioHD, a nice little website that does free and professional artist portfolio hosting. They let you add Youtube videos, and it all runs smoothly and looks good, too. I added some of my better looking renders/models and can finally attach it to e-mails, whenever I seek occupation in 3D art.

Latest portfolio upload... Still honing those 3D skills.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Gameplay Mechanics @ Wiki.AssafKoss.com

Officially, all my latest revisions for an Online Multiplayer Fantasy Action gameplay mechanics are publicly available on my wiki, at:

My kind of lady. - The Final Fantasy Wikia

I am trying to sort out the Do's from the Do Not's, in a manner that reflects on how such games should be, instead of what is already, obviously, wrong with them. Titles that fit into this genre description include, but are not limited, to MMORPG's, MMOTBG's, MMOFPS's & many of the modern day MMO(G)'s.

Be warned, that while this wiki is publicly visible, it is not public for editing, at all. I am glad to incorporate YOU, if you feel this is relevant to you. Simply contact me in any way, if you want in on the editing work.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Stop Copying WoW!

 It sickens me, the way developers copy WoW.

I like scripted effects.
I just don't like how they're being used.
The golden text in titles. The cartoonish looking characters that feel as if somebody just copy-pasted the same colors into their own models from WoW. To aim for the same style of items in-game with similar sets of gear. Making a game world without much sense of history or originality. Looking like WoW and giving off the same feel it has (or had, as WoW is already pretty aged, now.)

Seriously, people. Having another game as a reference, and even as a muse, is a great thing. But, simply copying what you like from another game is crap! And the results are crap, too!

I find this amusing... Image from IHateMMORPGs.com
Without a unique and well-thought of world and an original style of art, a game can not call itself a production. Without those, it would merely be a sort of practice in game making, or a bad mod, at most.

3D Models For Cash

I recently did a 20$ 3D model job for a guy from the UK, or Europe, I suppose. He wanted a quick real-life size model of some StarWars looking arm gadget.

I find it amusing and curious that he wanted to print it in a 3D printer and wear as part of a costume. That's pretty awesome, actually. :-D

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