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Saturday, June 22, 2013

MMORPG #4 Moods

Eventually, I arrived at the idea of sorting out gameplay by the player's mood. Moods can change and shift, and so there is not doubt that any gameplay system that cares for the players' moods, will take care to make available different styles of playing without much bother. Especially, without the need to change your character entirely or make a new one!

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Obviously, this line of thought is very limited. Never the less, I feel it is something to remember and take notice about. A game that expects you to behave in a very specific way the entire time is a game that lacks depth. While people can obviously tolerate that, it seems that such tolerance is only temporary!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

MMORPG #3 Life Cycles

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For a fantasy themed game, it seems quite sensible to use Death as a living realm in itself. It does sound contradictory, though. In a more sensible game, Death could be ignored and the logic may be sorted with life cycles, instead. That is, that Life cycles and recycles, and while the soul (player) remains the same, the body (character) changes. It may be reborn, shape shift or even die and restore as a new individual completely.

I feel that most games would rather ignore this topic and issue. Simply, make the character restore back to life with a penalty, or even die completely only to remake an all too similar character once more.

I do find the idea of never dying and only losing consciousness, to be reawakened, a comfortable and kind method of practice. It's better to remove Death from the equation if it's going to be treated like a bother instead of an opportunity! :-D

Monday, June 17, 2013


Naturally, I was inclined to continue exploring these ideas, further.

An attempt at moving a step forward...
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As you may or may not see, attacking this issue from different angles is required. Natural games, such as sports or board games, have a natural flow to them - due to their instancy, while online computer games require a timing mechanism.

The timing depends on the feeling aimed at by the developers. A game can be fast-paced low-latency action, or it can be a slow-paced latency-tolerant turn-based adventure. It can be a bunch of other things, as well. :-)

I decided to conclude these ideas in a single quick and short diagram:
Just think about it. Then, do it!
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Saturday, June 15, 2013


Recently, I've been giving shape to some ideas that I had regarding computer games. This is specifically about the hot-topic genre of online role-playing, or in another word, MMORPGs.

I often use Paint to quickly draw my ideas. I feel that text is generally inadequate to really show someone else what I am thinking about. Colorful boxes and lines on the other hand, with titles, sure do seem more fun! When I tried to collaborate on an idea with a friend, and even though she did not join up eventually, a website caught my attention.


Here is my first flowchart. It starts rather big. Then, I move onto smaller and more precise flowcharts. I should really call it a Block Diagram.

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Hiatus & Changes

I have decided to stop writing stories. I will keep them online for now, but I will not do anything en-towards it.

It is, indeed, a lovely thing how time does not really apply in the world of the Internet. I have had quite a hiatus from blogging, due to the emotional crash of deciding to drop my literature workings, and expected to drop the blogging, as well. Surprisingly, I found myself time and again thinking about the blog in a more personal manner - disregarding the value of it as a tool to advance books.

My muse has been faltering.
Now, it has returned!

I shall remove the "Daily" part of the blog, but still use it often. Many ideas must be discussed, and many an experience should be told! :-)

Here's a little shiny I've made after recently joining a hobby team of MMORPG developers.
Imagine someone using my sword to kill!

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