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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tell Me Lies

I have often seen just how much truth exists within a lie. While the intention is to deceive, the liar, focused on his hidden truth, will think so much more in constructing his lie, that they may not notice just how much truth is given within that lie.

What is worse, a false truth or a true lie?

It seems that by giving thought and understanding the structure of any idea or pretense, one can separate the different details within, and finally see more clearly which is more true and which is more false.

Will you believe a lie made out of many truths?

Could there be a truth made out of many lies?

Gotta love Johnny.
Yes. To both. Somehow, this does not negate reason. Words, ideas and circumstances are nothing more than objects. We use them and toss them away. They come and they go. None survive. Neither do we.

Is life itself a lie or a truth?

Life is an object to be used and tossed away. The trick might be in how it is applied.

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