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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Homemade Pure Aloe Vera Gel

How simple and easy it is, to make my own health products! Well, at least, when it comes to handling Aloe Vera.

This plant has become so infamous that I will skip the introductions, and simply say how great it is for the skin! It is well-known, for treating all sorts of skin problems, from acne & burns, to fungi & dryness.

About five leaves of this size, would make for a personal dose.
Photo from "Health Care After a Disaster."
1. Collect several Aloe Vera leaves. It has a spiky edge, so if you are sensitive to thorns, you might want to use thick gloves, or a knife. Personally, I just tore the outer leaves, by pulling them sidewards.

2. Use a kitchen board and your good knife, and remove the spiky edges from a leaf. Wash it quickly, so it has no dirt or that yellow goo, which is an irritant.

3. Then, press the leaf down against the board, and insert your knife between the skin and the gel. (The gel is the nice firm stuff inside the leaf, and not the liquid goo that comes out of it.) Carefully slice the gel away from the skin.

4. Make sure to remove leftover green bits, before you do the other side. It is quite hard to hold the gel down, without any skin. After you finished with one side, then do the other side, in the same manner.

Unless you've got a better idea,
throw away the leaves' skins.
5. Wash the pure gel in water, quickly, and put the gel into the blender! Do this for each leaf, making sure no leaf still has any yellow goo. It is very noticeably.

6. When done, activate the blender! Give it around half a minute, to make sure all the gel has become liquidy. The end result is a gooey liquid.

A bit foamy, after the blending.
It stays good for many months, inside a tight-lid box! By itself, it is anti-bacterial.

Wash your hands, before you apply it to your skin! Aloe Vera gel can be, usually, applied to any part of the body. Try a small dose, to see if it irritates any part of your body.

I use it on my face and hands! It helped me get rid of some unfriendly skin problem in the past. I also use it on my funky parts, when I feel more funky than usual. ;-)

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