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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Violence As A Proper Method Of Social Development

Violence is popular. Everybody enjoys violence in different ways, to improve their lifestyle. From the passive-aggressive and scheming woman, to the brute and in-your-face man. Popular media is full of it! Violence is popular in games, TV, movies, and even in music, such as Rap.

Rap music is violent and successful. Rappers are rich. Filthy rich. And neither is there a politician who is not extremely violent, when it comes to facing the opposition, of those who disagree with his or her opinion. Not surprisingly, politicians are very rich, and comfortable, too.

We can also look into our conjoined histories, and see how violence had helped in creating a brilliant & safe modern world, for us today. From brave shining knights to royal and majestic kings and queens, humanity had endured hardship and disaster, only through the amazing power of violence. If it were not for those who rule by force, then quite obviously, there would be no defense against such grim odds.

"Whoa, where am I?
This must be a true adventure,
only for amazeballs knights!"
Even children love it. There is not a child out there who does not enjoy the occasional punch or kick. It is almost our first language. How else would such a small creature have its' say and stand for itself, but without the energetic force of violence.

We can only hope that it is that same violent tendency that shapes our next generation, into a fine line of mighty armed and strong willed young men and women. I see an amazing future for violence, in human culture and society!


And have a good April Fool's Day.

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