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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hugelkultur & Plant Friends

Enjoy these pictures of my garden work, as inspired by Permaculture and nature. :-) Click on any of the images, to get an enlarged view!

My rather new Hugelkultur bed.
Some cucumbers appear to have taken root.

I kept the top branches, if any plant would like to climb them.

I was lacking soil for this, as my town is all rocks & stones.

I have finally changed my pots into large unperforated tubs,
that hold the water in this dry and arid climate. It's working great!

On the right, a rescued fat plant.
On the left, a left-over from the transition into tubs.
I'm using a bowl to help it hold the water, and it works well.

Need to get more soil and seeds, for this one.

A corner of empty soil. I experiment with different seeds and potatoes on it. :=P

My watering bucket. It also catches the drain from the table.

My compost bin.
I put holes in its' bottom, which was a bad idea, because of smelly leakings.
Still, works fine.

I just throw in any organic leftovers from the kitchen, and some leaf matter from the garden.

My window-sill pot, which has not been a great success, yet.
And an experiment!
Some soil and water in a bottle, with its' cap off, and some cherry-tomato seeds.
I'm waiting for the tomato plants to reach out of it!
This was inspired by various terrariums.

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