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Thursday, May 14, 2015

My New Domain Name

After about a year of using the name James as my online alias in chat-rooms, I have realized that it works much better than my Hebrew name. I never liked my previous name, but I could never figure out what to replace it with.

Now, James happened by chance. Any random name would do, and it was simple and accessible, and just uncommon enough in the chat.

I use their domain services, which are working fine.

So, with a more western name in tow, I have moved to this new domain!   JamesKoss.com

All previous links should still work. Everything should work the same, really. And all pages should redirect to the new domain. Eventually, the old domain will die-off, so make sure you bookmark the new domain, instead!

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  1. I'm still having some difficulties with the transition, so please tell me if you find any bugs.

    Currently known bugs are that the Facebook Share option will display the wrong meta information. >< I'm talking with FB about this, trying to figure out an answer. I might lose all my Likes, in the button to the right. Very annoying; while G+ works just fine!

  2. *sigh* Facebook's technical support is the worst. No good way to transition domains, without losing all my Likes. Oh well, Likes count is reset at 4 or 5, now. Do click Like, on the right side menu, if you enjoy my site. :-)


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