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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Spitting At Kids

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A new generation should speak up the truth
Not just lyrics and rhyme, or beats and moves
When you speak of reason, method, and proof
Minds, not just hearts, will be moved

Make a statement in life,
No wait, statements in wrote
And find me a Youtube to watch,
Instead of the rhetoric they talk

'Cause I wanna know what it means
When a girl is fallacious
No, not sucking dick,
But just sayin' nonsense

I don't think school teaches that,
Or else people would notice
That rappers don't say
What's evident for us

Methodically faulty and follows to nothing,
Is an old generation of spitting and popping
It's time we talked real - not guns and police, or deals and regrets,
but arguments that we'd never fuckin' forget.

From poetry to rap.

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