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Monday, November 8, 2021

Parlous Desperation

"People who have a strong desire for self-exposure and a need for approval are just stupid and strange." - Mari, 2021

Mari is a young woman I recently saw on a video. She gets other desperate young women to become prostitutes, and keeps a part of what they are paid by clients. It is what they consider an easy job, making a large amount of money for little investment.

I have seen a lot of discussion about which signs indicate the collapse of a society. A collapse in the sense of their power structure failing, often shifting into the hands of other societies. One such sign we should consider is desperation.

Desperation is a lack of freedom to act. No options; just grabbing at an escape. The more of it and the worse it is, the better we can see the state of our society. It is not just about happiness. A tough time can be unhappy, but it does not have to be morally decrepit.

A sense of urgent need will overwhelm any risk - nothing is a greater motivator. For women, the most obvious indicator is prostitution. It is a simple transaction that comes with long lasting debt. For men, that might be military conscription.

Personal corruption will turn systemic, when the victims are marked, placed, and signed.

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