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Thursday, November 14, 2013

How To Upload Your Podcast?

This is more of question rather than an answer; although, I do deliver an answer, as well.

I was very disappointed to see that Google, while providing blogging, website and online profile services (for free), they do not provide podcasting services - or rather MP3 (audio) file hosting services.

Music full of vitamins and minerals!
I searched around and found a website that, while it does not seem entirely reliable in the long run, does work and work well. Kiwi6 lets us upload and share audio with others, with direct links. It seems to be mostly used by independent artists that record music and songs. They have some nice playlists to play while surfing or gaming.

If you know of other reliable hosts for audio files, or even specifically for podcasts, which let us direct link to the files, then please comment!

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  1. By chance, I discovered that www.dropbox.com also allow hotlinking! They are very popular, so they might be more reliable. I will move to use their services, instead. No offense to kiwi6 and their fine services. :=D

  2. Oh, and if you had not heard about it, you need to use the Public folder in your dropbox, for links to be publicly available. :-)


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