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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I Really Really Like CrowdPricing

What is CrowdPricing? By Scribl:

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The practice of CrowdFunding eBooks is rather new, so I cannot really say that I know much about it. I do, however, feel very excited about the idea of it!

The idea of letting the readers influence, in a sophisticated way, the price of my eBooks is brilliant! A story is less appreciated? It can be enjoyed by the few and odd, for free. A story is popular and wide-spread? Let the masses give me their few cents, for the benefit of more such wonderful creations!

Do you think that this might catch and become the standard, in the future? Maybe even the future of all trade?

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  1. Thanks for the plug, Assaf! Obviously, as part of the Scribl team, I have a bias, but I really think this is an important advance for authors. As you point out, free and low prices work with Story Elements to help with discovery. But at the other end, keeping the most popular books in each niche at full price also helps protect book prices against the long term value erosion driven by authors competing with each other for customers by offering ever-lower prices.

  2. I appreciate your official response for my blog. :=) It's good to have you guys clarifying everything, about this new ebook marketing process.


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