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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Adult Toys Will Save The World

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Almost the entire human male population, also known as guys, have to deal with an overwhelming need for sex. Even though girls have their own libido, it is well established that guys are much more under the influence of their libido, on a daily & regular basis.

A tiny bit less explicit. *huehehe*
The sex industry is mostly composed of videos and toys. Videos for men, mostly, and toys for women, mostly. It is becoming a trend for girls to enjoy porn. However, it had yet to become a trend for guys to purchase and enjoy sex toys. More specifically, fleshlights and sleeves, not to mention lubes.

I have heard a lot of guys speak of sex toys, as if only a miserable guy who is unable to get girls would need them. Utter nonsense! Look at the comments section of any popular sex toy for guys, online! You can see many couples speaking up, about how the sex toys help relieve the guy, while the girl is too busy or unavailable, or how married couples find that sex toys, for the guy, improve their sex life.

Why should a girl using a dildo be sensible, but a guy using a sleeve be shameful? It should not!

The fact is that many guys hurry into sex with girls that they would rather avoid. Guys get girls pregnant, without proper planning, and find themselves weighed-down as unexpected fathers. This is no joking matter! No man should let his biological needs define his life, when he can handle those needs privately, and with the assistance of videos and toys.

Can you imagine marrying the wrong woman, because you found her attractive, and hurried into having sex with her? Can you even begin to imagine a woman manipulating you, because she knows how much her sexuality overwhelms your senses?!

Girls aren't sex toys, because they come with a lifelong price tag.

We say, "don't play with fire," but we should also say, "don't play with girls." Because playing with girls tends to end really, very, enormously badly!

So, play with toys. :-) Toys are for playing with!

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  1. Sex toys are made to give women an orgasm right?So if the sex toy fills its need then its doing as such more so than the majority of today's men.On the off chance that the woman isn't needy and urgent then a sex toy can definitely supplant a man.

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