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Monday, August 18, 2014

Hack Your Headset

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I recently got a cheap headset, for use while chatting with friends online. It has Bluetooth, so it is a bit more comfortable than handling wired headphones; or earphones in my case.

Annoyingly, the phones are a bit small, putting pressure on my ears. This causes pain, after a while of use. I Googled, and saw that some people replaced their pads - also known as cushions - with those from a muffler. That is a cool idea! But, I did not feel like wasting more money on this...

It's really, really simple.

So, I just hacked it, myself. As you can see in the photo above, I simply removed the cushions, took the foam out, cut it - to allow more space for the ears, and returned it all back in place.

I cut the inside stitching to remove the foam, and left it open, and used my Leatherman's flat-head screwdriver, to assist with joining the fake-leather cover on the plastic base, again. :-)

Admittingly, the phones are still not very comfortable. This is only a small fix. A patch of sorts. However, until I get a better & more expensive headset, this definitely helps!

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