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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Fap The Years Away

'Cause nothing matters anyways,
Your life will end in misery
Just as it is right now already,
You will bleed and cry to me

Fap the years away, away
Hands on toys and silly shticks
No one else will do it too
Me and you, just me and you

Don't you work on yourself
Don't be better than the rest
You are scum and nothing right
You're alone with no one else

Fap the years away, away
Lose your hair, your tan turns gray
Getting fat is what you do
You just ain't got shit to gain

Death's a fan of fucks like you
Climax is an empty word to you
You don't smile, no can do

So fap the years away and cry
Fap the years away then die.

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