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Monday, February 23, 2015

Thirsty Girl, Lucid Guy

Direl [DEE-REL] smiled at the guy, but he did not notice. It happens sometimes. Ever since she started hitting on guys, and feeling okay with them rejecting her, or worse - mocking her, she noticed these sort of different behaviors. Some guys were aloof. Oblivious. It was not that they were mean, or anything like that. They just did not notice what other people considered obvious.

Take this guy. He was looking at her, for that moment, but when she smiled, he just looked away. Talking with his friend there, at the bar.

Direl sipped her beer.

"You're staring," Jen said and smirked at her.

"So what?"

"It's rude."

"Who cares? I'm bored of being polite. Everyone's so fucking shitty polite, all the time."

"So you're just going to be rude?"

"To you?"

"Not to me," she laughed, "to the guy!" Jen looked over at the two guys over at the bar. Both were deep in conversation. "Wanna hit on them?"

"Yes." She smiled, and both girls stood up, and went to approach the guys.

"But, if it's not aliens, then what is it? Some secret society? I'm just saying...." Kevin paused mid-sentence, and turned to look at the girls, now standing over them. Clarke turned as well, looking at Jen first, making Direl angry with him.

"Hi," Direl said, and forced up a smile at Clarke. "I'm Direl, and this is my friend Jennifer. Mind if we join you?"

"Sure, go ahead," Kevin said smiling pleasantly.

The girls looked at each other in agreement, and each sat next to one of the guys, tactically surrounding them, and setting their drinks on the bar table.

"How old are you?" Direl asked, looking at Clarke, but then - wanting to be friendly, glanced at Kevin as well.

"Ah, I'm twenty seven, and Kevin just turned twenty eight. And you?"

"I am twenty eight," Direl said.

"And I am the same, twenty eight," Jen added.

The guys turned to look from one girl to the other.

"Good," Jen said and smiled, "we're a match!" And she laughed, sipping on her mug.

They were not actually a match, it turned out, but ever since that night, Jen stopped complaining about Direl being so forward with guys. Hey, it works.

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