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Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Gameplay Mechanics @ Wiki.AssafKoss.com

Officially, all my latest revisions for an Online Multiplayer Fantasy Action gameplay mechanics are publicly available on my wiki, at:

My kind of lady. - The Final Fantasy Wikia

I am trying to sort out the Do's from the Do Not's, in a manner that reflects on how such games should be, instead of what is already, obviously, wrong with them. Titles that fit into this genre description include, but are not limited, to MMORPG's, MMOTBG's, MMOFPS's & many of the modern day MMO(G)'s.

Be warned, that while this wiki is publicly visible, it is not public for editing, at all. I am glad to incorporate YOU, if you feel this is relevant to you. Simply contact me in any way, if you want in on the editing work.

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