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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Don't Hate The Troll, Hate The Trolling

"They see me trollin'
   They hatin'
   Patrollin' they trying to catch me writing dirty...
   Trying to catch me writin' dirty...
   Trying to catch me writin' dirty...
      Trying to catch me writin' dirty..."
So, I shall ask again, why have such annoying and rude people as Trolls in a virtual world?

The simple version of the answer is that Trolls are people, too, and whether anyone likes it or not, they compose of a big part of our online population. I will expand about Elves later on, but for now I would like to outline Trolls.

Love boxxy!
You got your annoying and uneducated junior Trolls. All those kiddos out there that do not know better, and intuitively feel that some things virtual are just not as real as reality. They are the most annoying, but least interesting kind of Trolls.

Then, there are the YA Trolls. While having more language abilities and sophistication over the juniors, they are still a menace to most people online. They put the Likes for Troll content and live the Troll way of life without shame. They are the young recruits in the holy war of Internet trolling.

And finally, we have the adult Trolls. Those with language mastery, philosophic education, and even capabilities in the different arts (images, videos.) These are the creators of Troll culture and the engine that holds the flag and then rotates it too fast for anyone to not feel sick about it. Adult Trolls are the actual community. Those who realize the power of collaboration. They are well feared and hated by the haters.
Represent! Trolls.
It is exactly this depth, organization and the hate people hold toward Trolls, that makes it sensible to have a virtual world in which Trolls are the enemy. It is to the benefit of everyone. Why have an NPC with a lack of AI as your enemy, when you could join your allies against the true virtual enemy? Right?

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