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Sunday, August 18, 2013

NodeJS, WebSocket & Elves Versus Trolls (Demo 0.2)

Oh, fantasy worlds. How amusing you are.
Finally, I have finished my 0.2 Demo of Elves Versus Trolls!~ (Link)

When I was trying to make the crappy Demo 0.1 (Link), I did not even imagine that a couple of weeks later, I would be running my own working server and simple demo game client. I must have spent pretty much every waking minute of these previous two weeks, just to get this up and live. :-D

So, what is this about? This new and exciting demo (Link) is the fruit of my previous work and vision. Those pretty flowcharts and Wiki, yes. I am actually making a game, or demo, of these wonderful ideas. While my 0.1 demo was intended as a test, just to see if C2 could deliver what I wanted, this 0.2 demo is completely different! It is far from being a real game with actual content; but, using random free sprites (and bit of music, too) to represent how the game would work, I aimed to have this demo show, generally, how I imagined this game to be. This means, very simple interface, with some basic multiplayer options, and a little bit of fun virtual world to roam.

Construct 2 by Scirra
How am I making it? I am using Construct 2 for the game itself, and NodeJS with WebSocket for a simple server, that integrates well. I wish I could buy C2 :S What a wonderful tool it is. Making cute complex games without almost any coding!

Check it out and tell me what you think! About its' potential, of course, and not about its' current incomplete state! Doh! ;-) Later on, I will start preparations for Demo 0.3, in which I am planning to set up the game World (rivers, lakes, mountains, etcetera..) and work seriously on the User Interface - all those nifty buttons and texts.

Until next time, or if I finally do the Elves article followup from last time's Troll article. Cheers.

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