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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Why I Have Never Chosen To Become Politically Active

There is no person out there, who is completely satisfied, with how others live their lives. I am sorry, if this sounds a bit confusing. Let me rephrase...

While, all people have many things in common; eating, drinking and the sort included, no person ever lives exactly like another person does. Never the less, we all share the private task of self care, and sometimes, we even help each other with that. It is a simple trade, in which one person helps another, so that they could fairly ask the same treatment, in the future.

Our tools of the trade, in a manner of speech, are sympathy & empathy. If I have suffered or enjoyed the same thing another person is going through, then I can empathize with them. Likewise, if I can relate, in my mind and imagination, to the suffering or joy another person is experiencing, then I am able to sympathize with them.

When a group of people, even an entire nation, stand behind a representative, they are collectively sympathizing. They are generalizing their views of wrong and right, suffering and joy, in order to turn their ideas and emotions into actions and reality. That is to say, that they are enforcing their own opinions on others.

Whoa, now! What did I just say? That they are "enforcing their own opinions on others," is it? Yes. You heard me right. They are not "collaborating, in order to help others and/or themselves." Neither are they "joining forces in order to achieve a task that cannot be achieved by the small and few."

The first scenario, of collaboration, demands that they are all actively involved. The second, of managing a greater task, demands that the task at hand can only be achieved by grouping. Neither of these represents politics.

In politics, a person gives up their own choice of action, so that another person can act on their behalf. Also, most tasks are those that the person does not wish to get involved with, not because of its' dimensions, but rather, because of its' nature. Not every person feels comfortable being a judge or lawyer, for example.

So, why have I never chosen to become politically active?

If I were to join politics, I would, in both principle and action, be asking people (see, "strangers") to either grant me my wishes - if they supposedly match their own - or, to make others stop from denying me my wishes - again, if it matches their own wishes.

In other words, I would be asking the masses to support the enforcement of my own personal wishes, over those of others. Sadly, that will never match into how I view things. I am not proud enough to insist that I am on the right, more so than another person, in general; nor am I righteous enough to lower another person, simply because they make different mistakes than I do.

While, I may choose otherwise in the future, I am not able to do so, until I find justification that stands under my personal judgement. Naturally, this article does not answer the "How do I...?" part of getting my own wishes to come true; but, at the very least, it does clarify my moral grounds. Without those, I may be powerful and almighty, but I would never be able to look myself in the eye again.

This article has been influenced by debates between different philosophies, including the recently enthusiastic Libertarian political movement.

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