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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Business of Death

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"Satisfaction guaranteed, or your life back," said the technician, a slight young man with disinterest in his eyes.

"Can it, somehow, go wrong?" Lemrick asked worriedly.

Since the discovery of the after-life, and the device that can restore people from the cold grip of death, there had been a boom in people asking to entertain the experience. Lemrick, being a cautious latecomer, decided that he wanted a glimpse of it, as well.

"You mean, could you die?" The technician verified.

"I mean, do I come back... all right?" Lemrick explained.

This story would do well,
with a second part full of Futurama references.

"Yes, you do. Although," the technician gossiped intimately, "some people come back different. But, that is the whole purpose of the thing, eh?" He laughed, and passed over the bun to Lemrick.

The 'Bun of Death', or 'Bun of Doom', and even 'Roll of Call', was how previous customers had amiably chosen to refer to the edible gizmo that would remove them from the world of the living.

Lemrick sat down on a comfortable gel cushion, folded his legs, and took a bite. Then ensued the dream that is not a dream...

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