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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Will Power - Not Intimidation

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Will power is the result of intuition & patience. Intuition means you have to trust yourself, rather than instantly turning to others. Patience can be trained, like strength or speed, and should be trained to where most things in daily life can not make you rush yourself.

Shia LaBeouf

Intimidation, on the other hand, is when external threats make you act, in your perspective, defensively. Rather than plan and think things through, intimidation rushes you to react quickly, and miss out on crucial information about your situation.

Without patience and trust in your intuition, it becomes difficult to motivate yourself into doing things that you want. Keeping in shape, studying, making & fixing items, and many more chores that are valuable, but hard to approach without an existing habit.

And that is why people turn to self-intimidation, or they let others intimidate them into action. Common examples are schools, militaries, and employment; where someone is in command, and orders you around, giving punishment when you fail to comply.

Not only does this not improve your ability to plan and act on your own - keeping you reliant on others, but also you do not actually gain the knowledge necessary to figure out the best choices for yourself. Those who command you, do it for their own personal gain.

Rely on yourself. You are the only person in your shoes. Make your own mistakes, and learn from them. Do not expect others to take full responsibility over you. They will not. They cannot, as only you can choose for yourself. Trust yourself, and improve at what you choose to do.

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