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Thursday, June 25, 2015

How Stone Giants Copulate

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[Inspired short story I wrote for the G+ Writer's Discussion Group monthly competition.]

It is to the best of my knowledge, that the avid and infamous giant researcher - and hobbyist poet, Mikkel M. Handsome had noted down, in a chapter about the mating practices of Giants in general, this peculiarity of Stone Giants.

I do not have the original text with me, so I shall paraphrase in my own words, and through the vagueness of my own memory...

A hardy local population...

The Female Stone Giant will select a suitable place, where trees would not tend to forest, maybe in an elevation high enough - as trees are known to dislike the cold, and there she will stand. She will stand for as long as it takes, for a Male Stone Giant to incidentally, and without prior knowledge or intuition, ram his parts into... well... her parts.

End of misquotation.

As you can see, it is not a rumor beyond reason, that people say the Stone Giants have no libido, per se. It does not seem as if the Female is attractive to the Male, when viewed from our point of view. No ceremony of wooing seems to take place, but rather a metaphorical gamble.

This was my opinion in the matter as well, at least until I saw The Crevice of Zuperia, in New Russia, earlier this year. Oh, and what a crevice it was! Attached is a photograph.

Eingenberg Zumik, Doctor In Organic Gemology, Neptune Regional Academy.

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