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Saturday, March 19, 2016

A Bit of Joy

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I envy a community of people
Who listen free of stay,
And never cease to say
What is on their mind that day

Girls and guys, old and young,
Mostly broken; just a token
Of persevering personalities,
Against their own mean realities

Online, offline
Minutes, hours, days
Faces on display, but their
Hearts always stashed away.

Dedicated to the notorious /4chan room on Tinychat / Kageshi. <3

It's funny how we can miss something bad. How we want that tiny bit of excitement, found in a cesspit of darkness, hatred, and misery. A smile that brings joy, even though it's rarely visible.

A community can be broken and harmful, more damaging to its members than useful. Yet, it is still a community; a place to call home, sorta thing. This is true about any relationship... A family, or a couple, and even friends. We don't only get used to it, we cherish those few moments that make us feel loved - whether we are actually loved or not.

Oh well.

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