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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Friends Don't Fuck

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Friendship is when two people get to know each other, to like each other, and trust each other. It sounds big, but it does not have to take long. People can become friends inside a week. Obviously, time is a factor when getting to know a person, but trust itself can be established quickly; if it is tested properly.

Clive Staples Lewis (29 November 1898 – 22 November 1963) was a British novelist, poet, broadcaster, and lecturer.

Some people hold dear to moral values. Loyalty. Honesty. Courage. Those who do, can be true friends; trustworthy. Most others can only be friends to a limited extent. Once you have some distance between you, or anything happens that puts your relationship on trial, they will cut away, rather than work on it together.

Friendship is complex and difficult.

Fucking, however, is not. Having sex is the most basic, common, and simple act any person can do. Bugs do it. It is very simple. That is how animals continue their lineage. It is nature at its best! Functional & practical.

And the two can not mix.

Moral judgement is impaired, entirely, when sex is involved. Sex becomes a motivation in itself, keeping the relationship going, even when it is bad. Even when you are not friends, and even when you hate each other.

If you doubt the power of sex, look at the world. Billions of people! Millions of people crammed into cities, even in western "civilizations". Endless children born to single moms or in broken relationships.

There is only one meaning to it, if you have sex with someone you call "a friend", without you both wanting to upgrade into a couple. You prefer having sexfor yourself - than having the friendship.

This goes to all the casual-fuckers out there. Stop deluding yourself. If you put sex over friendship, you are mentally weak and socially abusive, and you do not appreciate true friendship and trust. You will receive the same treatment from others.

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