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Sunday, May 25, 2014

An Eternal Nemesis - Our Friends

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"Mommy?" Asked a giant octopus, in a sound wave below human hearing.

"Yes, dear?" Answered an even bigger octopus, floating not quite mid-air, near the other.

"What is that?" It raised a tentacle at a near by tiny lizard.

"Do not point, Phefahphiou!" The angry mother warned. She would not have uneducated children making her look bad, in front of other creatures.

"I apologize, but what is it?" The child repeated, lowering its' tentacle.

"It is a dinosaur," she answered. "And it is an enemy of the Coalition."

We are already being eased into this future symbio.

"Can I eat it?" The child asked, ever so innocently. The lizard, a tiny thing in comparison, tilted its' head, and considered the transparent floating threats, above it. It began skittering away.

"No," the mother shuffled closer, towards the young one. "We do not eat those."

"Why?" The child asked, looking up at his mother.

"Because, they are our friends, and..." she lingered.

"And we do not eat our friends," finished the child, not satisfied with the conclusion.

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