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Sunday, May 18, 2014

I Was Walking Down A Brick Paved Road...

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...When I noticed the building, just to my left. Even the buildings were made of brick. Most of them a sort of red shaded brick, mostly from clay.

"I wonder if she is there," I spoke out loud, but only to myself.

It is the middle of the day. A cloudless day. The sun at full throttle. I entered the building, and climbed up the stairs to the third floor, where I would find my friend's apartment.

"Watch out," my friend warned me, as I approached. "Dervie is inside, and it got him cornered!"

"Oh no," I thought and replied. "It's them again, right?" I asked her.

"Yes, but they really got him, this time!" She was panicking, and it was up to me to sort them out.

I open the door, and there he is. Dervie. Sitting on the floor, legs spread wide, neck to the wall, and a table pinning him down - at the neck.

"So," I start, but it is apparent that the table is loose, now. They let him go, as soon as they saw me. Dervie scrambles out of the room, as fast as humanly possible, leaving the door open. I do not bother to look behind. I do, however, look to the side of the room.

"How about eating a muffin? Eat one. Or two." - Junkie Space Alien
"Grbledrhrtewshbfx," the creature speaks. It is small, short and wide, sort of blue. It has hair, but it is not like our hair. It looks different, as if it was a different material.

I look to the floor, searching back next to the table. There is a box there. An open box. A box of muffins. Well, I call them muffins, at least. I take the box, and do not look back at the creature.

"I should not eat this," I say, or think, or maybe I realized this only after taking a muffin, one of two remaining muffins, and stuffing it into my mouth. Delicious. Just a muffin, really.

The creature is smiling, now that I check back with it.

"Here we go," I say, and everything turns into a vortex of colors, and I just know that this is not going to be a happy journey. Especially, because on the other side, it is a bright and sunny day, and I am not feeling worried. I feel fine.

"Muffine," I say, and excuse the situational comedy.

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