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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Passions of An Artist

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I often find myself passionate after an idea or venture. It may be a small thing, like my recent acoustic echo-cancelling mobile bamboo partition, or a big thing, such as my well-inspired but overwhelming Node World project.

The cotton sheet blocks the sound from bouncing back at the microphone.
I have discovered that, while I may do things out of logic, for, say, personal goals, or due to simple curiosity, my most valued achievements are always from a sense of passion & inspiration.

Moreover, I have learned that anything that is made out of passion, does not need a reason to be, and so we call it art. And that artists, people who make art regularly, give themselves for free, in order for their creations to enjoy the attention of others.

The artist, a quality rare in most, but dominant in few, gives himself for free, contrary to his produce, for which payment is demanded.

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