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Monday, December 24, 2012

"Believe In Yourself"

Dr. Ivan Joseph in his TEDx talk "The Skill of Self Confidence", shares a lesson learned the hard way. In life, we get plenty of negative feedback from our surroundings. Whether it is people - those closer to us or strangers - or simply life itself disagreeing with our opinion.

The skill we each must develop, in order to grow as people and take care of our most important needs and wants, is confidence in ourselves. Be it as a single person, "I am confident in myself all the way," or be it as a group or team, "We are confident in ourselves and our shared ability and responsibility."

I have learned my own self-confidence the hard way. I pushed against shove, and often did so only when push came to shove. Learning to trust yourself and your own intuition and feelings takes effort and time. The best way, that I recommend, is taking on challenges every day. Regardless of the sense in those tasks, we all must challenge our abilities and ideas in order to grow. Just as important, we must do this so that we don't wither and eventually wilt.

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