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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Greens Growing Gigantically Good.

The shock and awe of winter in the eastern regions of the Mediterranean sea. Morning light. Sitting on my bed with the laptop's webcam activated. Time to show the greens!
I recon some sort of fox or digging animal attacked my Turnip root. ><' The garden-bed was dug again, and all the new seedlings got buried. Lucky the root was not eaten.
Petting my strong growing Radish patch, showing other friends around and behind. I love mixed gardens. There is nothing more joyous than seeing my Broad Beans climbing up and covering the ground so well.
Lacking a three dimensional feel to it - this is my circle garden-bed, surrounded by the stones dug up from it. Heavily stoned place :-P This one is strictly mixed with everything I get - seed or root plant.

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