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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Olive Oil Lamp

If you have not yet seen, played with, and/or made an oil lamp with olive oil - please do. Here is advice on exactly that.

Aladdin style.
Frugal Survivalist Style.
There is an endless variety of lamps, and many methods to use. I recommend using any lamp material that would not heat up and burn your fingers. Also, I recommend using cotton for a wick. And last, but not least, I recommend pure high-quality olive oil, even though other grades and kinds could be used. That's just me :-)

For you, here is how I made my own lamp. A used glass jar is great for holding the oil, and it is possible to add water below the oil - so that the wick is not far away. If there is a large distance between wick and oil, more than a few centimeters, then it is likely that the wick will burn-out and the lamp stop flaming. Easily fixed with a new wick and oil replenishment.

I used a hammer and nail to make a hole for the wick to pass through. I bent the wick sideways so that the flame doesn't easily kill the soaked wick. Olive oil is hardly flammable, and would take very flammable conditions in order to burn openly.

I am still adjusting my lamp experiment, and will update on the matter here. Somehow, it feels that having an ancient style lamp would be most awesome and comfortable. Meh, used jars are what I have.

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