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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Showering versus Bathing

I don't know these kids,
but they sure are having fun!
In the past, people would wash themselves either in natural water basins, or using a bucket. In pre-historic times, I can reliably claim that only natural water sources were used.

Today on the other hand, it seems that the lack of free time together with stress, has reduced bathing to a minimum. I conclude from this about the contemporary use of soap.

It seems obvious that while people were soaking in water for extended periods of time, their skin would cleanse and refresh efficiently. When water is scarce, or expensive, the use of natural plant oils as soap can reduce water usage tremendously. Therefor, if a person does not enjoy a lengthy amount of time inside water (e.g. Swimming), then I would certainly recommend using soap. Only then would the skin and its' pores be honestly clean.

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