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Friday, December 14, 2012

Gaming A Make

Fighting monsters in abandoned halls. 
The Dungeon Blitz Website
Getting inspiration from the small project of Dungeon Blitz, both I and a good friend decided to make an old dream come true - and make an Online Multiplayer Roleplay Action Game (OMRAG? lol).

Making a simple Flash scroller with cartoon graphics and animations seems like the most reasonable choice for a team of two. We are both without funding, but we try to make up for that with (part time jobs) enthusiasm and dedication! He is more the artist type, and I am definitely a programmer and technical person. While we are both doing Flash tutorials, I am attempting to put into action a simple server and client.

There seems to be a variety of options to choose from for such a project these days; something that makes this easier and quicker. Flash Professional has become a powerful tool, and I only need to tweak a sample server, and insert the client code into my own project. I intend to have a basic version to show this upcoming week, and you can definitely expect to see it here. ;-)

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