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Thursday, February 21, 2013


Life & Death
I feel that at least a few posts in every season should regard death. Life encompasses many experiences and states. Spring, the end of Winter, for those lands that experience this sort of climate, reveals both an accelerated burst of life, and with it an obvious mirroring of the death around us.

While flowers bloom and grasses climb, many seeds that caught only a shallow piece of soil, will quickly die, when they discover that for them Spring is but a short season. Such seeds, that germinate in springtime with expectation of bloom, find that the soil can not hold enough root-mass and moisture, in order to capacitate a full lifetime. They quickly wilt, and unlike the surrounding green background, they are dull and a contrast to life.

Our lives are of a similar nature. Some people may find their springtime a short season. Conditions are not always kind. Never the less, death is only a part of life. Eventually, another Spring will come, and another seed will grow.

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