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Friday, February 8, 2013

Seeking Depth Within Life

I've always been a big fan of the philosophic and Buddhist practice of wondering about the origin of things. For example, before eating one will wonder about the origins and source of their food and drink. Where does it come from? Who collected it? Who prepared it?

Old Habits Die Hard?
I feel that this practice is extremely relevant to the understanding of the true meaning of all things in life. Many might question if their choices and practices are good or bad. The best way to get an answer for that, even if a personal one, is by learning and discovering the origins and processes things go through to reach us. Should I act in a certain way? Should I consume a certain thing? What is the meaning of life?

Yes. I feel that it is an easy way of attaining the meaning of life for each of us. Simply check about your life. If there is any dissatisfaction left after the research, then go ahead and check into the origins of your dissatisfaction! It's as simple as that. Eventually, clarity and purpose are always revealed. :-)

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