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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Lie of Motivation

What is motivation? This elusive, sneaky and inexplicable sensation that we simply do not want to do something, even though only benefit awaits us from doing it.

Hell ain't a place for a picnic :D
I would like to offer today a rare perspective on action. Positive action does not deny nor negate negative action. When we feel tensed about our lives, and seek something to do that would better us, it is often mistakenly viewed as an adding of a betterment. Instead, the removal of interference is often the necessary action for improvement.

We must first empty ourselves from the overload of daily life and the weight of responsibilities, in order to gain the ability to improve. Otherwise, we will turn overburdened and collapse under the load of activities and responsibilities we claim.

The next time you find yourself feeling perturbed about your inability to motivate yourself into doing something that you honestly think is a positive action - try to vacate some time and be unoccupied for a while. Enjoy some rest. In a trick of the mind, suddenly, you will feel energetic and uplifted enough to go about doing anything you wish. Unless, of course, you simply don't want to do it after all. :-P

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