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Monday, February 4, 2013

Towns Without Animals

I never enjoy coming to a place crowded by farm animals. A dense mass of cows, or any other animal for that matter, makes the smell fowl and the noise distracting.

On the other hand, it is no secret that people and different animals get along quite well, and benefit from each others' company and cooperation. While we have the ability to protect and guide the animals, whether it be from natural disasters or predators, they share their produce and great strength with us. Also, all animals enjoy another's company. This is evident to pet owners.

Why should people and animals not live together? Without forcing them into small spaces, but rather sharing our lands with them. Like a flock of wild deer, so should our other animal companions be allowed to roam free and under our aid. Are birds between branches not superior to birds in small cages?

I am pained to see the treatment animals receive from people. Equally, it is a distorted view of life, when a community or town, and even a city is depicted without any life but people; to the inclusion of a random local bird.

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