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Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Study of Anthropology

My anthropology lecturer, when I gave University a try for a couple of semesters, used to have us read and talk about the most interesting tribes.

A merry dance!~
I remember a lecture that talked about how some such tropical tribes would have big celebrations as a means to create bonds between tribe members. Instead of taking chances with rivalry and disputes, the leaders would organize for merriment and gift-exchange between the tribes, and thus reducing if not eliminating the chances for hostilities.

It amazes me how often I hear people speak harsh generalizations and common untruths about the nature of humans and tribal peoples. Somehow, assuming the negative seems the default, and any really positive lesson to take from the tribes is ridiculous. I dare any person go out and visit tribes that are not suffering from the mistreatment of industrialism. Authentic, prosperous and happy tribes. It is mind boggling how content and joyful humans can be, without being specifically stupid or clever.

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