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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Autumn Growth & Camera

I just got my new Tatop W858 - see: some lesser known Chinese smartphone, which has a wonderful camera! So, finally, I can show my works here. :-)

I used regular plastic pots, so far, but I am starting to change into plastic bowls, without dripping holes - like the blue one in front. I find it better, in my extremely dry climate, to let the water sit at the bottom and have the plants slowly drink it. Of course, this means that I must be careful about drowning the plants, so I do not let the water level get too high.

Some of my plants are unidentified. Seriously, I just do not know what is going on there. Beyond those, I have Potatoes, Sunroots (Jerusalem Artichoke), Beans (black), Aubergine (Eggplant), Tomatoes, Sweet Beetroot and a bit of garlic. All for the sake of experiment and experience.

I have already enjoyed two tiny harvests of black beans! But, so far, I am not seeing any tomatoes or aubergines. It seems that some plants really do require very certain conditions. I always felt plants were more variable than that, but alas, my spot does have very little sun and only limited watering.

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