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Friday, October 4, 2013

Watching Violent Movies For Education

We watch action flicks for the heroes; not for the violence or the destruction. How dare I claim such an all encompassing conclusion? Let us break it down:

People watch movies that have conflict without having violence in them. For example, dramas, comedies, adventure films, non-violent children shows and more. Conflict itself is the interesting thing! We all have a strong inner need for education, so we seek the conflict between others, to learn from their experiences.

The Martial Arts
Probably the best example of learning from conflict,
on daily basis.

While we may not actually take interest in which side wins any conflict, or in the result of it, at all, we do want to review the successes achieved in the conflict. By mimicking and understanding the victories, we learn how to defend ourselves and win conflicts ourselves. It is as simple as that! Monkey see monkey do, so monkey want to see.

So, the next time anybody dares claim that we learn 'how to be violent' from movies and games, make sure you remember that it is a false notion! Remember that we learn from all conflicts, and what we learn is how to handle and come out well from conflicts.

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