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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Debt Is Bad

I mean, seriously. How can anybody think "debt" and see it in a positive light.

I have been seeing more and more people, coming out and saying that 'if we just handle debt this way, then we can...' blah blah blah. Economists. This is just plainly wrong. It is like excusing a mistake, by saying, 'Hey, what if we try to make it seem more positive?' That does not work.

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Just think about it. "Do I want debt?" No. The answer is no. Nobody wants debt. People used to go into debt, because they would starve, otherwise. So, there is no excuse for anyone to go into debt. Our social structure cannot be in debt and work for us. This is evident in modern day life.

So, stop treating debt, as if it were just an empty word, or some complicated economic term that none of us understands. We understand it. Treat it like it should be treated. Like a scourge!

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