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Monday, October 14, 2013

Replace Plastics & Metals With Plants

It is my personal dream that someday, soon, all our useful and brilliant electronic devices will be made from organic materials, from fresh plant sources that do not harm the environment. A biological computer that resembles its' current predecessor, without any relation to the horror movie notion of a man-eating computer-brain monster, if you will.

Step One: Replace oil-based plastic with (fresh) plant-based plastic.

Is it possible to make plastics from fresh plants? Yes! Apparently, using plant starch will let us create bio-plastic, which can have different properties - just like regular plastic does - when mixed with different materials. There are loads of information resources online for this, so you can find different plants (potatoes, corn, others) and different methods (stove, oven, microwave!) for your needs.

Step Two: Replace mineral-based materials with bio-plastic materials.

Is it possible to make electromagnetic devices from plastic? Yes! Sadly, the topic is shushed by the big corporations, due to its' extremely lucrative nature. The first reported discovery of a plastic polymer (mix) with magnetic properties came from America in 2001. Soon afterwards, another report came from England in 2004. Remember that magnetism and electricity go together, so when this competition is over with, we should see a market boom of electric devices made entirely from organic polymers (bio-plastic), with all the benefits of the material.

For some textual specifics, you can check out the Wikipedia page about this.

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