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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

How Do Bullies Rule Society?

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Who is a bully?

A bully is a person that forces themselves on others, because of their fear of being ignored.

Bullies are the people who are most attracted to positions of power over others, because of their fearful nature.

Why should we be most cautious of cowards?

Bullies, which are a sub-species of cowards, are the greatest threat to us all. It is not the strong and self-confident person who bothers to manipulate those around them. Such a person relies on their ability to cope with problems, and understands that manipulating others would be a waste of valuable time. This time is better used to invest in oneself, rather than attempt to control others.

Oppositely, the bully is not willing to invest in themselves, and therefor is always anxious to find prey. Such prey is their human meat shield against dangers. Those who accompany the bully, the minor bullies, are the first to get hurt, when a conflict arises.

Society can be looked at as a larger scale village. In this village, that counts to the millions and billions of people in our age, cowards will always attempt to take over the rest of us. It is hard to miss that the most control-hungry and cowardly people among us are those in politics, generally. Politicians are those people who invest most of their time in manipulating the lives of others.

Politicians work under the false pretense that they represent others.

For any person to represent me, under any normal circumstance, they would have to hold my recorded consent for representation, and even then it will be a limited consent. No other person can represent me completely, ever.

Lo and behold, today, we are all born into a state of society that lets those strangers, those bullies in politics, to represent us, without our consent, at all. As teenagers, young adults that are already responsible for their own actions, we have no word about who legally represents us. As young adults, over the age of legal adulthood (18+), we are the minority group, and thus cannot democratically have proper representation.

Our generation is even less in Europe!
~160mill' People 34+ > ~70mill' People 18 to 34.
More than twice our generation are still forcing their opinions on us!
This is how bullies rule our society. This is how bullies have always operated. Only those of us who take a stance and insist that only they, themselves, represent themselves, will ever make a society that is not ruled and run by bullies.

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