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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Freedom Tactics: Patience Without Sacrifice

Today, we start a new series of articles about the strategies and tactics for freedom.

Freedom, in its most basic meaning, is the ability to take care of ourselves, without the intervention of others. This definition can be applied both to individuals and to groups. Self-care ranges from basic needs, such as food, water and shelter, to mental needs, such as company, expression and safety.

Strategy is the result of designing or planning a flexible set of operations, for one or more specific goals. Each operation is composed of different tactics that reflect the options available to us. This entire process is very flexible in its creation and very fluid in its operation, but it is always defined, as a reference, so as to avoid as many unwanted actions and unexpected results.

Moving onto the topic of this article...
Without patience, there is no way to plan our responses to existing and possible problems. It is when we feel hopeless and see no future plan that we choose to make sacrifices.

With patience, we are able to calmly review and resolve. We need not make unwanted sacrifices. We can choose how we respond and spend the resources we find most suitable. Once it is a choice out of many, it is not anymore a sacrifice; it is only a price.

It is impossible to make any choice, without taking the time to consider. Freedom is a choice. Without patience, there is no freedom, at all.

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