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Monday, September 30, 2013

How To Have Grit

It pisses me off to read non-critical criticism (I know...) from old moronic slaves, who dare pretend to represent other people. Today, I ran into the title "Young lack the grit to get jobs." In other words, here's another person blaming the children on the mistakes of adults.

This critical article from News Frames, said exactly what I thought, but did not say what I feel. I feel cheated.

I feel cheated by the previous generations; those who are still alive and working to harm the younger generation. Our parents and our grandparents. They have cheated us out of our natural liberties and choices. They are cheating us out of our happiness and wishes.

My young generation, and the one to follow, suffer the tyranny and abuse of previous generations. The excuse we hear, of course, is that they "were treated badly, so nothing else could be expected" of them. If that is so, then...

The round table of law must sit the wise among our young,
instead of the durable among our old.
If we cannot expect anything good out of our formers, then we cannot trust our lives into their hands. All governing bodies and the ruling intelligentsia must be replaced by our generation, without an overlap period. After all, training under those who are inherently wrong, will only harm the fresh minds of the young.

The generation that does not suffer war, poverty, hunger and idiocy, must take charge and responsibility. Only those who are not broken can help repair this mess we call modern culture.

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